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My mission at Nearseas is to breed the healthiest, happiest cavaliers in the world. All puppies born at Nearseas are raised with love, care and the utmost attention to Cavalier health issues and responsible breeding protocols.

Cavalier health concerns?

Cavaliers as a breed can suffer from a number of hereditary illnesses. Before you decide to buy a Cavalier King Charles, I strongly urge you to research the breed so that we can discuss these issues.

What do I need to know about Cavalier health?

The three most prominent health concerns for Cavaliers are heart, Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) : Syringomyelia (sir IN go my EEL ya), also known as (SM) and Inherited Eye Disease , Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD) and Hereditary Cataracts (HC). These conditions are a serious concern for a prospective Cavalier owner. While the occurrence of these conditions in the breed is well documented, it is tragic that many breeders and owners are not aware of them or their consequences. Even worse though, there are those who choose to ignore them. Please take the time to read about them at the following websites: [ All links open in a new window ]

What is Nearseas doing about SM and MVD?

The short answer is everything that I possibly can. To date I have sent eighteen of my adults (not all of my breeding) to England where they have been MRI scanned by Dr. Clare Rusbridge, BVMS PhD DipECVN MRCVS, RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology (Stone Lion Veterinary Centre, Wimbledon, London, UK). In order to comply with the SM Breeding Protocol it is necessary to have breeding Cavaliers scanned and assessed for SM. Only by breeding according to the SM Breeding Protocols can a responsible breeder attempt to avoid SM in future generations of Cavaliers.

Following are the current CKCS MRI screening and breeding recommendations:

I have made a concious decision to only breed from dogs that are rated “A” and “C s as long as they are over the age of two and one half. Because of the planning and distance, I am only able to send dogs once per year to England, but the C’s are all re- scanned . Any dog that scanned a D has been spayed and re-homed.

All Nearseas adults are annually certified, by Dr. T. P. Mullany, MVB, Cert. VC., MRCVS, in order to comply with the MVD Breeding Protocol. This is a vital element in working towards eliminating early-onset mitral valve disease in the Cavalier breed. If the dog is not heart clear it will not be used in my breeding program.

All Nearseas adults are also certified by Dr. T. D. Grimes, BVetMed, DVR, DVOpthal, MRCVS, DipEcov, who issues and registers British Veterinary Eye certificates stating that they are clear of Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia and Hereditary Cataracts.

My Cavaliers are treasures and ensuring the health of my adults and every new generation of Nearseas Cavaliers is paramount to me. Ethical breeding is not a gimmick. It is simply the only conscionable way to proceed.

What about the health of Nearseas puppies?

All Nearseas Cavaliers, adults and puppies alike, are looked after on a day to day basis by Mr. Richard Bramley, MVB, MRCVS, MA, BSC Hons, Vet MB. Richard is a partner at The Veterinary Centre in Wexford, Ireland. Richard gives each of my Cavaliers a complete medical once a year and all of my Cavaliers health records are available upon request.

Puppies go to their new homes with a full written report from Richard. He is also available to consult with you or your Veterinarian and has full records of every Nearseas dog, adult and puppy alike.

Puppies are also eye tested ass a litter at 8-9 weeks by Dr T.D. Grimes to rule out any signs of Hereditary Cataract.

General Cavalier information:

Cavaliers come in four colours, as I am sure you will have noticed on my home page. They are Blenheim, Tricolour, Ruby and Black and Tan.

What kind of temperament do Cavaliers display?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an active yet gentle little dog with a friendly, intelligent disposition and a tail that never stops wagging. They get along easily with adults, children and other animals. Both dogs and bitches have the same easy-going nature and love attention above all else.

House training and general behaviour will normally present few problems, if any, but will require attention and effort on your part. They are quick to learn and very alert. Teaching your puppy good habits from the start will ensure a happy home

Cavaliers are a house dog and love to be on your lap or in your bed. They do need exercise, love to go for walks or car rides and need a contained garden as they love to explore but are not street wise as a breed.

Cavaliers need to be loved, petted, handled and introduced to people. If you work long hours and the dog will be on their own then you really must consider if this is the breed for you.

Buying a Cavalier puppy is a serious commitment and on average 10 to 14 years of responsibility. Your Cavalier is with you for the rest of his or her days and will become a real member of your family.

Can we visit Nearseas?

It is absolutely important to me that all Nearseas puppies go to suitable and loving homes. A Cavalier King Charles puppy will become a very important part of your life. They are a very special breed and deserve to be loved and cared for by responsible people. All prospective new families are expected to visit Nearseas. This gives me the opportunity to meet you and you the opportunity to meet your new family member and his or her parents. I am happy to have visitors (even if a new family member is not immediately) and I am very proud of what I have accomplished in the 10 plus years I have put into building Nearseas.

What can I expect when buying a Nearseas puppy?

All Nearseas puppies are IKC registered, micro-chipped, wormed, have all their vaccinations and don't leave for their new homes until they are at least nine weeks old. Registration papers and five generation pedigrees are essential and supplied with every puppy. All Nearseas puppies come with puppy packs and a lifetime of help and support from their first "Mommy". Oh, and a most special companion who you will adore beyond compare.

Do you require a contract when buying Nearseas puppy?

Yes. We can discuss this at any time. The most important thing for me is that all of my puppies are going to good homes and that they receive a lifetime of love and care. All Nearseas puppies are sold with a non-breeding endorsement.
Should you decide that you wish to breed, this endorsement may be lifted once I am satisfied that all proper testing has been done.

What about after we get home with our new family member?

I am available at any time to help you with any problems, which I trust will be few, and am always thrilled to receive photos and news of the puppies. I love to hear how they are getting on..

Do you have puppies come back to visit?

Quite often when their families go on holidays, Nearseas puppies come back to stay. I charge a very modest fee for this and am happy to discuss such arrangements at any time.

What if there is an emergency in the family?

There is always the possibility that circumstances can change or an emergency can arise that no longer allows for you to continue caring for your Cavalier. Should this happen I will arrange for your Cavalier to return to Nearseas. Under no circumstance will I allow a Nearseas Cavalier to end up in a shelter, pound or rescue. This is a stipulation in my contract!

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